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8 Ways to Make Money with an Information Product
Free Report by Rick Cooper
8 Ways to Make Money with an Information ProductWould you like to earn more money and attract clients?

Small businesses are always looking for additional strategies to generate revenue. When you position yourself as an expert,you can create content which will attract clients online.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Simple steps to select a topic for your Information Product
  • How to manage your time to focus on product creation
  • Tips to position yourself as an expert and lead people to a next step in working with you
  • How to sell your Information Product online and offline
  • Techniques to use your Information Product to get publicity

8 Ways to Make Money with an Information Product

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Author: Rick Cooper, Online Marketing Expert

Rick CooperRick is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. He is author of Seize your Opportunities, Marketing Magic, and Extreme Excellence. Rick works with small business owners who want to generate more leads online and increase sales on the internet.He specializes in working with Coaches, Speakers, and Experts. He helps them leverage their expertise to attract clients online. He has provided marketing consulting and support to some of the top speakers in the world.

Rick is a National Speaker on Online Marketing. He was featured in Comstocks magazine and has been interviewed by The National Networker, and the East Bay Times Business Journal.

How to Become a Visual Content Marketing Superstar in 3 Easy Steps
Free Report by Susan Schleef

I believe that well-designed content with a clear, concrete message is the most powerful tool you can use right now to build your business and your community of followers and prospects.  Everyone is talking about content marketing!

Would you like to:

  • Develop a plan that meets your business needs and builds on your strengths?
  • Have a blueprint for great content creation and easy repurposing?
  • Understand how to engage your audience and get them to take action on your ideas?
  • Improve results from your content marketing?

If so, then read this report and implement the strategies included.
How to Become a Visual Content Marketing Superstar in 3 Easy Steps

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Author: Susan Joy Schleef, Presentations Expert

Susan Schleef Susan Joy Schleef, founder of Presentations With Results, Inc., is a Presentation Strategist and an authority on Visual Content Marketing. She specializes in coaching entrepreneurs, speakers, trainers, and service professionals in creating and delivering more effective presentations, webinars, videos, infographics, graphic e-books, and other forms of content to educate and engage their clients.

Susan is a Certified Beyond Bullet Points Presenter with 30+ years of teaching experience, from grade school to junior college and technical training for staff at various corporations. In addition to her background in education, she has studied with numerous marketing, sales, and business coaches.

Susan is the author of the forthcoming book, “Get Your Message Into Their Brains: Neuromarketing Secrets for Better Content Marketing Results.”

Turn Your Words into Sales
Free Report by Roy Rasmussen

Turn Your Words into SalesAre your marketing and advertising efforts getting the sales results you want? Strengthen your marketing message by getting this free report to learn the insider secrets professional copywriters use.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most amateur advertisers and even many pros make
  • How to make your audience want your product or service
  • How to match your message to the right market
  • How to add a personal touch that connects with your audience’s emotions
  • Plus the simple secret to selling without sounding pushy

These tips are potentially worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased revenue to your business. This report normally retails for $29, but by responding to this special offer you can get it absolutely FREE for a limited time.
Turn Your Words into Sales

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Author: Roy Rasmussen, Copywriting Expert

Roy RasmussenRoy Rasmussen is a freelance writer who helps small business clients get more publicity and generate more sales. With 50,000 hours of writing experience and two decades of freelancing experience, Roy has published four books and approximately 700 articles on subjects ranging from business to hobbies to quantum physics. He coauthored Publishing for Publicity with independent publisher Marian Hartsough and Cloud Computing Simplified for Small Businesses with business management consultant Kimberlee Augustine. An experienced proofreader and editor, Roy assisted with editing Breaking Your Own News by Emmy-winning media veteran Sandra Gehring. He is currently assisting master sales trainer Eric Lofholm in editing and publishing a book on sales.

Three Steps to Finding and Retaining Customers
Free Report by Deidra Miller

3 Steps to Finding and Retaining CustomersAre you struggling to find and retain your ideal customers? Is your mailing list smaller than you would like?

It is said that the money is in the list. Having a large list of loyal customers and prospects gives you the influence to change more people’s lives and gain greater income.

Administrative consultant Deidra Miller invites you to download a FREE report with tips you can use right now to grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • How to determine who your ideal customer is and what your competition is offering them
  • Why you need to keep up with your prospects’ and clients’ ever-changing wants and needs
  • How to establish a system to keep track of your contacts to keep that list growing
  • Why following up with your contacts is vital to the success of your business

Three Steps to Finding and Retaining Customers

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Author: Deidra Miller, Business Expert

Deidra MillerDeidra Miller is owner of Magic Wing Administration, providing administrative consultation analyzing the administrative tasks of her clients’ businesses. She works with her clients to determine how they can best create systems to manage those tasks so they have time to focus on the revenue-generating activities they do best to grow their business. One of her focus areas is customer resource management and follow-up. Her loyal clients have shared that she has excellent communication skills and is exceptional at organization.

Deidra is finalizing her new ebook Entrepreneur Strategies: How to Optimize Your Business and has published several articles.

Deidra began her career in the corporate world, learning hands-on in various roles reporting to C-level executives – as executive assistant, office manager and project manager. But she decided to leave that path to follow her passion and use the skills she acquired to help entrepreneurs optimize their administrative work.

How to Develop Your A-Game to be the Best Version of You
Free Report by Marybeth Hrim

Are you at the level in your life or business you want to be?

But how do you develop your A-Game and stay on it?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Tips on building an awareness of who you are
  • Proven strategies of overcoming challenges
  • Hot techniques on becoming accountable to yourself and others
  • How to use your abilities your already have to strengthen your life and business
  • Strategies to attract the right people in your life and business

How to Develop Your A-Game to be the Best Version of You

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Author: Marybeth Hrim, Leadership Expert

Marybeth HrimMarybeth Hrim has a track record for facilitating change in organizations and in personal lives. She is a Certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team, an international organization committed to developing leaders. She is a Teacher and a Speaker with over 18 years of experience in helping people achieve their maximum potential.

Marybeth delivers workshops and seminars teaching leadership skills. She is available as a keynote speaker. She provides personal coaching; guiding clients in their personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John Maxwell’s proven leadership methods. Working together, she moves individuals and organizations in the desired direction to reach their goals.

As an entrepreneur and personal development enthusiast, she strives to help companies and individuals cultivate harmony in their lives, families and businesses. It is her belief that creating harmony in these areas will give people the edge to live their life with an abundance of peace.

5 Steps to Building Your Brand So You Stand Out From the Crowd
Free Report by Yvonne A Jones

5 Steps to Develop Your Personal BrandWould you like to be able to create your personal brand so you stand out above the crowd and attract more clients?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are often confused about personal branding and the importance of branding themselves rather than the company they represent.

Online Marketing Strategist, Yvonne A Jones, invites you to download a Free Report which will help you to discover 5 strategies to develop your personal brand.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Understand what personal branding is
  • Why you should spend time working to build your personal brand
  • Discover 5 creative ways to brand yourself
  • How to create your personal brand with social media
  • Stand out with a personal brand that shows your values and goals

5 Steps to Building Your Brand So You Stand Out From the Crowd

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Author: Yvonne A Jones, Social Media Expert

Yvonne JonesYvonne A Jones is an Online Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer at My Success Circle Marketing. Yvonne helps business owners and entrepreneurs increase their visibility and profits online by using Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategies to attract clients and customers and retain them by providing superior customer care and building strong client relationships. Yvonne is the author of “Superior Customer Service for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs” on Kindle.

3 Tips to Select More Naturally Nutritious Foods
Free Report by Teresa Rippe

3 Tips to Select More Naturally Nutritious FoodsWould you like to eat healthier foods, but you don’t always make the best food choices?

Heart-centered women struggling with fatigue and foggy thinking are always looking for ways to gain more stamina and better clarity of thought so they can feel healthier, happier, and get more done instead.

Health Mentor Teresa Rippe invites you to download a Free Report which reveals her 3 top tips to help you create a diet that’s more naturally nutritious.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Understand why you’ve been stuck and what you can do about it.
  • Come away with clarity on how to make healthier food choices.
  • Learn the scientifically proven secret to having a sharper mind.
  • Have the opportunity to apply for a Free Extreme Food Makeover Session with me.

3 Tips to Select More Naturally Nutritious Foods

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Author: Teresa Rippe, Health and Wellness Expert

Teresa RippeTeresa graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Home Economics. In addition, she has taken professional Leadership Development classes with many master marketers. After 10 years in the corporate world, Teresa joined Mannatech as an Independent Associate because she loves taking their whole food-based, all natural supplements and nutrition and enjoys the extra energy they provide.

Her passion is helping heart-centered women ages 40-55 struggling with fatigue and foggy thinking to make the switch to plant-sourced supplements and nutrition. She walks them through a step-by-step process that allows them to experience the transformation for themselves.

Teresa also loves sharing Mannatech’s Give For Real program because it helps nourish at-risk, malnourished children around the globe every month. The Give for Real program isn’t just about giving kids real food nutrition, it’s a mission that can truly make a difference in ending global malnutrition!

Ten Amazing Life Lessons To Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset and Create Success in Life and Business
Free Report by Julia Neiman

10 Amazing Lessons to Develop an Entrepreneur MindsetWould you love to experience success in your life and business?

Learn ten of the most valuable lessons you will need to know in life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • To adapt these lessons as habits to be successful
  • What perseverance is and what it looks like in practice
  • Strategies to focus on the present
  • To use unconventional means to solve problems
  • The key to making people happy

Ten Amazing Life Lessons To Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset and Create Success in Life and Business

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Author: Julia Neiman, Empowerment Expert

Julia NeimanJulia Neiman is an author, an empowerment coach, the founder of Transform For Life and Executive Director of Group Home Consultants, a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation that creates programs for foster youth. She is an experienced behavioral specialist and life skills coach with 20 years of experience working with troubled teens. She believes that their dreams matter and is passionate about teaching them how to make those dreams come true.

Julia has such a passion for working with teens that she developed a program, The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs. This program trains young people to develop as entrepreneurs and start a business.

Her first book is 31 Powerful Lessons Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset and her second book which is about to be released as an ebook is Pick From the Passion Tree: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs to Start a Business.

37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking
Free Report by Gary Loper

Business and Social Networking . . . is much, much more than simply showing up and shaking a lot of hands, gathering up business cards, collecting followers and attempting to get someone to buy your services or product.

Successful networking is about learning how to ‘work’ the art of networking, not just seeing how things will work out.

Your business success is closely related to your capability to network your business for growth.

These Networking Keys are simple, but not always easy to implement – practice, practice, practice.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Put on a Happy Face
  • What’s Your Name?
  • Every Picture Tells a Story
  • Take Two!
  • Never Can Arrive Too Early or Leave Too Late
  • And, Much, Much More!

37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking

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Author: Gary Loper, Social Media Expert

Gary LoperGary Loper, inspirational speaker, Blog Talk host, social media expert, and life and business coach, a highly respected entrepreneur, has enthused and empowered individuals in all walks of life.

Gary has a strong background in marketing and sales, and his 30+ years of customer service and 15 years of direct sales adds more depth to who he is. With his diversity in spiritual studies, relationship building, life and business coaching, and marketing, customer service and sales, his background is a perfect blend to help others to be their best, in life and business.

He teaches his audience strategies and tactics on how to become successful, to produce and maintain positive solutions, to stay in a positive mindset, and attract and manifest true wealth. Gary empowers people to discover their gifts, develop confidence and create better relationships with themselves and others in their lives.

3 Steps to Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams
Free Report by Kimi Avary

Do you want to make your relationship amazing?

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?

Most people weren’t born with a map to make their relationship work. Many people miss the 3 most critical steps in creating a dreamy relationship, because they were never taught how. Whether you’re just starting out or deep in the trenches of your relationship, you can do turn things around with the right tools.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • How to prepare yourself for the relationship you truly want
  • How to take your relationship out of default mode and put it into thrive mode
  • How to be attentive to your relationship

3 Steps to Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams

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Author: Kimi Avary, Relationship Expert

Kimi AvaryKimi has 17 years of experience successfully coaching clients to have winning relationships. Her clients are women and men who are relationship oriented and intent on creating a life filled with love. Whether you’re dating or already in a relationship she’ll help you receive your life partner, navigate your relationship experience into a joyful relationship.

She works in three Phases: Clearing the Path, Becoming the Magnet and Living Your Life in Love. She specializes in dissolving the shields between you and love, clarifying your relationship goals, and communicating effectively with the opposite sex, all so that you can create satisfying and fulfilling life-long partnerships.

She is an NLP Master Practitioner, a Certified Relationship Coach, a Licensed Partnership Adoration and Ecstasy (PAX) Coach, a Licensed Core Transformation Leader, and a Spiritual Coach. Author of, Falling in Love, Staying in Love: The 7 Secrets for an Amazing Long-term Relationship.

The Unstoppable Business Owner
Free Report by Christoph Nauer

This report is for business owners who want more time and money!

Inside of you is the power to be more focused, confident, decisive and powerful in your role as the CEO of your business. Learn how to instantly tap into the hidden power inside you that’s like a geyser ready to explode your business results.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • How to get 2-3 times as much accomplished in half the time
  • How to get clear, focused, on track and on fire to achieve beyond your current success “set level”
  • How to eliminate fears doubts & worries that may be sabotaging your success or slowing down your progress.

The Unstoppable Business Owner

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Author: Christoph Nauer, Success Expert

Christoph NauerChristoph Nauer, is a business & life coach, born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, now lives in Lafayette, CA who brings over 15 years of experience in ministry, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction to coaching.

In addition to being a certified coach, Christoph holds:

  • Masters Degree in Theological Studies
  • Additional education in pastoral leadership and spiritual direction and education
  • Business degree from Switzerland
  • Teaching Credentials from Switzerland and the State of California

He helps business owners with 1-20 employees whose business is consuming all of their time, whose employees or team members are under performing and/ or who are challenged with other items that sabotage business growth. He helps them to clarify & prioritize their focus so that they can make more money and work a lot less. Together we design the client’s compelling new future so she can reach her goals more effortlessly.

5 Steps to Improve Employee Accountability without Killing Motivation
Free Report by Peggy Harper Lee

5 Tips to Improve Employee AccountabilityGeneration “Me,” those born between the mid 1960’s and the late 1990’s comprise almost 60% of the American workforce. No longer a minority, the Generation X (mid 1960’s to late 1970’s) and Generation Y (late 1970’s to late 1990’s, also called the millennials) are no longer just the assistants or hourly employees, they have moved into management and have radically changed the culture of American business.

If you run are in a leadership position, then you will benefit from learning how to work with members of Generation Me!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • How to select Generation Me job candidates
  • Tips to motivate Generation Me employees
  • Advice on how to provide feedback that will be received and implemented

5 Steps to Improve Employee Accountability without Killing Motivation

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Author: Peggy Harper Lee, Workforce Expert

Peggy Lee HarperPeggy Harper Lee is a mother of four, ages four to 29, with a 30 year career in the financial services industry. She has experience in the boardroom, the corner office, working with individual clients, and at home helping others to understand the keys to success that start with personal leadership.

Generation X, those born between 1965 and 1983, are the leading edge of the “Generation Me” society. As kids, they got a trophy for participating and an A for effort. The transition to adulthood has not been kind. She inspires audiences and business leaders to recognize the entitlement mindset that exists in everyone, when spoiled serves us, and how to use it to be truly happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Lee is the author of “Spoiled: Fresh Ideas for Parenting Your Entitled Child–at Any Age!” and numerous articles on how our entitlement culture has impacted personal and business success. Lee is the founder of Parents Who Rock, and consults with parents and business leaders to empower them to become extraordinary mentors and powerful teachers.

3 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Raw Living
Free Report by Eniko Nagy

Eating raw foods is a healthy alternative to consuming a lot of the processed foods that people eat these days. The health benefits are numerous!

Are you considering taking up the challenge of eating raw living foods? There are some definite challenges to this lifestyle, but it is well worth it.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Tips to prepare raw foods
  • What are the 3 must-have kitchen tools that will help you enjoy a long-term raw living foods lifestyle
  • Review of Juicer
  • Review of High-Speed Blender
  • Review of Dehydrator

Bonus: Three easy to follow recipes to try out your new kitchen tools!
3 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Raw Living

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Author: Eniko Nagy, Raw Foods Expert

Eniko NagyEniko A. Nagy, is a stay-at-home mother of two, whose passion is to reveal the life changing benefits of eating Raw Living Foods. Through her experiences, she believes that many common diseases can be improved and even cured through proper diet. Small steps taken toward a healthier lifestyle is lasting and the best way to encourage our children isby being a great example. Her heartfelt desire is to inspire you to make these changes and as a family, reap the benefits of this transformation.

In her pre-motherhood, Eniko worked in Banking and Real Estate Lending Industries, although currently not practicing, she holds a California Real Estate Sales License. She studied Early Childhood Education and Business.

Eniko resides on the Central Coast of California with her husband of 17 years, and two children. She loves to garden, hike, read, experiment with raw foods, but most of all, spend time with her two little ones.

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