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How Feelings of Loss Affect Our Work and Personal Relationships

Feelings of Loss
How Feelings of Loss Affect Our Work and Personal Relationships

How Feelings of Loss Affect Our Work and Personal Relationships
By Lorna McCarty

Any loss is terrible, be it the loss of a son or daughter, parent or grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, or spouse. Losing someone you care deeply about is very painful. It is normal to feel emotional and to experience sadness that just seems as though it won’t let go.

Living through the loss of someone dear to us affects everyone who is close to us. When this loss happens our personal world, along with the professional world we have built is shaken.

Recently, in one week’s time, I lost my favorite uncle, and then the very next day after my uncle’s passing, I learned my beloved aunt was on her death-bed and had a very short time to live.

Despite living with these deep losses, I managed to press on, doing my best to continue to keep a normal daily routine. That routine included exercise, household chores, and most importantly making sure to stay true to activities that were meant to continue growing my business.

When we are grieving, one of the first things we often do is to throw ourselves into something that keeps us busy. We want to continue seeing positive results in our own lives, despite admitting how we feel regarding the loss of a loved one.

Covering our grief this way only makes it that much harder to move on normally. Instead, our grief catches up with us, and we experience lows in energy, and the productivity we are usually capable of achieving is gravely affected.

The reality of my own loss brought me to this conclusion: I must take time to feel and work through the loss.

Losing people we love is part of the cycle of life. For those of us who are left behind, we still must bear the grief and manage the pain that affects our relationships with others.

We all contemplate our own mortality. We philosophize on whether or not we have made enough essential contributions to the good of others, and if we were to die tomorrow, we question whether those contributions were enough to make a difference.

Was our work important? Or was our work valuable to others?

• When we are grieving it is important to understand that it is OK to take time from our work goals and instead, make room to grieve in order to return to a life of normalcy.

• When we give ourselves the necessary space to grieve, we also can discern the positive experiences and life lessons we gained from the dear ones we lost.

• It is important to reinvigorate the relationships that we have. This includes both our personal and professional relationships.

• Spend time with family members and tell them that you love them.

• Lean on the people who care about you, even if you take pride in being strong and self-sufficient.

• If you are religious, find solace in your faith.

• Don’t let the emotion of your loss affect the energy that you put into your work.

As an entrepreneur, many businesses begin in the home. Step away when you are stuck in the project you are creating. Get a breath of fresh air, take a walk, or raise your heart rate with an exercise program for 20 to 30 minutes. Then return to work with a renewed, creative spirit.

• If you work outside the home, let your team members know that it’s OK to talk to you about your loss. Answering questions about your loss will help you accelerate the healing process.

We all experience loss, and that loss has the power to affect our personal relationships and the work we bring for the betterment of others.

It will always be important to take time to grieve the loss of a loved one, but remember that those we love who are no longer with us, want us to live our lives fully and with love.

Utilize the energy that is affecting your grieving, and use it to bring joy to the lives of those around you. By implementing positive energy, life will again become rewarding.

I am Lorna McCarty a professional relationship coach that helps couples who are struggling and maybe on the verge of divorce. Are you at the end of your rope and feeling that life is short? You need answers now? I am here to help. Contact me at and sign up to receive your free action guide and special bonus and discover why it’s not too late for your happily ever after.

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Feb 19

How to Avoid a Computer Crash Disaster

How to Avoid a Computer Crash Disaster
By Deidra Miller

present-a-computer-crashAre you sure that your computer backup system is providing the results you want? Just because you have a back-up system in place doesn’t mean it’s necessarily set up to save everything you need backed up.

We’ve all heard many times that you must back up your computer files often and in several places. And that is absolutely a best business practice. But what you don’t hear as often is that you need to check the data after the backup to make sure you have all the files you want to have backed up.

My Story – What I Did Wrong

I thought I was doing all the right things. I have a cloud backup service that backs up daily behind the scenes, and I also back up regularly to an external hard drive.

Then my computer hard drive crashed. It’s never a matter of if, by the way, it’s a matter of when it will crash!

Since I hadn’t needed to access my backup files before the crash, I never checked to see what was actually in the backups. As it turned out, everything wasn’t getting backed up like I thought it was. I hadn’t checked with my cloud service to make sure I had it set up properly, nor had I checked the back-ups I was saving to my external hard drive to make sure files were being included correctly. Some of my files got backed up but not all.

Luckily, my computer tech guy was able to restore my files. But of course, there is still the worry I had before and during the time he was working on my computer, plus the added cost that I wouldn’t have had to incur if I had done my backups correctly.

What I Did Right

Using an online email service is one thing I was doing right (and of course continue to do) that helped me get back some of my files. I could easily retrieve documents I had sent to people or ones they sent to me. That enabled me to continue work that I might not have been able to otherwise. It was a huge time saver and stress reducer since I didn’t have to recreate the documents from scratch!

The other thing I did right was to work with a virtual assistant. I was sending her files to work on that I would have only had on my computer (and probably would have lost) had I not been working with her. But because I was, I had them in my email Sent folder.

Here’s What You Should Do Right Now to Avoid the Problems I Faced:

Schedule regular back-ups (even daily if necessary) to several locations. You should have your files backed up to 3 different sources:

1. Use a cloud service that will save your files to their servers. The cost is well worth the peace of mind.

2. An external hard drive.

3. I also recommend backing up all your files to a flash drive or CD. I hadn’t done this before the crash, but my tech guy gave me my restored files on a flash drive and I now intend to keep it as an extra back-up. But flash drives and CDs don’t necessarily last forever so don’t use them as your only back-up platform.

And you want to back up your entire system at least once a week. Windows version 7 or later comes with a built-in feature that will make a mirror image of your entire computer. Save that to your external hard drive (or even 2 hard drives to be really safe!).

Don’t keep your external hard drive near your computer. In the event of a disaster such as a fire, you don’t want them to be right next to each other or they’ll both burn up!

Review your data after backing up to make sure all files are there. Make sure you understand the procedure for backing up with your service and/or device.

Consider working with a virtual assistant as an added measure of back-up. This is a good idea even not taking into consideration the back-up factor. Outsourcing is a great way to free up your time so you can focus on the revenue generating activities you do best to grow your business.

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to back up your website as well, especially after you have made any significant changes. There are several plug-ins that you can install for this, both free and paid. Search what is available and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Having loyal customers and prospects who follow you around like puppies gives you the influence to change more people’s lives and gain a greater income. Get my special free report “Three Steps to Finding and Retaining Customers.” The report provides three action steps you can take right now to grow your list and retain loyal customers and followers. Click here to get your copy now:

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Jan 15

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Why You Need One

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Why You Need One

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Why You Need One
By Yvonne A Jones

Unique Selling Proposition

Business owners need a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in today’s competitive business market if they wish to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true in the online marketing world. What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? Let’s analyze what it is, why you need one, and what are the essential elements of a USP.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a statement that explains clearly to your target audience what makes your business unique, and how it’s different from everyone else in the marketplace. It tells your customers and prospects how you can better meet their needs and what makes you special.

It is not always easy to do because it takes time to analyze your business and yourself. You may have been doing the same thing for quite some time and been successful at it, but never stopped to consider what specifically is contributing to your success.

In addition you must take time to analyze the people whom you serve in order to identify who your target audience is. It is never “everyone.”

In the book “Reality in Advertising”, television advertising pioneer Rosser Reeves defined the unique selling proposition. Two of the three parts of that definition are:

1. The proposition must be one the competition cannot or does not offer. It must be unique-either in the brand or in a claim the rest of that particular advertising area does not make.

2. The proposition must be strong enough to move the masses, i.e., attract new customers.

Why Your Business Needs a USP

  • A unique selling proposition will contribute significantly to your success. Careful analysis will help you determine your strengths as well as any weaknesses that could negatively impact your reputation and standing in the marketplace.
  • Why are people buying from you, or using your services rather than someone else? What do you do for your customers that create loyalty so that they buy from you again and again, and refer their friends and family to you? What is it you do that makes you stand above the rest in the marketplace who are doing the same thing?
  • Identifying what you do that’s different from others in the market will take time to measure as it will likely involve doing research on your competition, studying what they’re doing, and determine what you do or can do differently.
  • Your USP must offer a strong benefit and value to the customer so that current customers can readily recognize this, and prospective customers will be able to determine what you do that others do not.
  • Your USP helps to establish your brand in the minds of your customers and creates top-of-mind-awareness.

Once you’re able to clearly identify what makes you different, you can continue to build on that as the business owner, but you can clearly bring it to the fore so your customers and clients think of you first when they need your products or services.

Two Essential Elements of a USP

1. A good USP is hard to forget. When people need products and services that your business offers, you want to be the first one that comes to mind. This means that your USP has to be consolidated to convey your uniqueness without being too wordy. It must say a little but convey a lot. Do keep in mind that your USP is not the same as your tagline.

2. It needs to resonate on an emotional level with your clients. Good USPs speak to the fears, worries, desires, and frustrations of your target market. It also provides guidance in terms of how they can solve their problems.

It is vital to your business success that you take the time to create your USP through diligent research and analysis. Additionally, creating a fabulous USP is only the first step. Your service offerings and products must mirror the promises you articulated in your USP. Delivering anything less will negatively affect both your business and reputation while costing you the customers that you worked so hard to attract.

You may be new to online marketing, or you may have been building your business for some time, but you feel stuck and out of balance. I invite you to claim your “Entrepreneur’s Success Kit” at In the Success Kit you will discover three areas of business that many entrepreneurs overlook and what to do about it. You will also be helped to manage your time on social media, and what you must do with the clients and customers you attract online.

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Aug 25

Best Practices to Balance Your Relationship and Your Business

Best Practices to Balance Your Relationship and Your Business

Best Practices to Balance Your Relationship and Your Business
By Lorna McCarty

I spent a good part of my life teaching English to Second Language Learners, schooling them in reading, writing, and how to speak English. I also devoted long hours outside the classroom supporting these same students on how to successfully maneuver the trials and tribulations around life issues that caused them deep struggle and emotional upheaval in their family unit.

At the time, I did not realize this would not be a lifetime career for me. Instead, another door opened where I would serve couples, particularly women struggling to survive in their broken relationships and often times on the verge of divorce.

I became an entrepreneur, ready to make a difference, passionate in saving committed long- term relationships, bringing out the best in the couples I coach.

What I didn’t think about was the long hours that it would take to pursue a successful business and how it would interfere with my personal time with my husband. I also had no idea that there would be a considerable learning curve involved in bringing a business up to speed in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

One thing I have learned, entrepreneurs have to be patient. Overnight success happens to a few people, but the majority of entrepreneurs must be willing to put in long hours on their journey to the top.

Realistically speaking, making it as an entrepreneur is stressful and it is normal to live through tough times; especially when it strains the survival of your relationship due to financial goals not immediately being met.

For those of us in a long-term relationship, you need to be creative in finding ways to show your partner that they are still appreciated. You can set aside time for a quick date, such as a 30 minute walk, or catching a bite to eat together. You can build a business and have a loving relationship if you make the most of the time you have together.

Don’t leave your partner out of your business. When you are writing blog articles, copy for sales pages, or new content for your website, ask for a second opinion by sharing the work you have produced. Getting another’s point of view is an excellent way to get that person involved in your business, helping you to produce more quality content and at the same time making your partner feel valued.

Take the time to ask your better half about how their workday turned out. What were the highs and lows of the day? This action demonstrates that your business is not the only important focus in your life. Share with each other how things are going when you are apart.

Communicating what you are feeling will help you both to understand and appreciate each other more. This will bring you closer together and increase the desire to support each other’s successes.

Are you interested on making powerful shifts in your relationship and succeed as an entrepreneur? I am Lorna McCarty, Founder of Phoenix Rising Relationship Coaching. Contact me at and get your free action guide + bonus report- “10 Secrets to Re-kindle Your Passion and Create a Connection that Lasts a Lifetime” and “5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make.”

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Aug 05

Love Your Business, Love Your Relationship

Love Your Business, Love Your Relationship

Love Your Business, Love Your Relationship
By Lorna McCarty

Work Life Balance

How important is the success of your business? That is an easy answer. To the majority of entrepreneurs who are building a business to a fruitful level, getting there, means putting your heart and soul into every detail of the operation. Now, how important is the success of your relationship with your partner?

Most of us would reply by saying just as important, if not more important. But, for some reason working long hours and putting every last bit of energy you can to create a prosperous business, is not the same as maintaining a sustainable relationship.

A thriving business is a necessity for a promising lifestyle; but even our desire to maintain a healthy relationship is not always enough; and that desire can often take a back seat because we get so caught up in the importance of our professional success.

When we are building a business we have to maintain a balance of our time and energy so that we are able to enjoy a healthy relationship, while still sparing the right amount of our get-up-and-go to move our entrepreneurial dreams forward.

Here’s the solution. Look at your relationship just like a business. When you forget to love and nurture a relationship, it crumbles. It is the same for a business. Your business requires your love and attention if it is going to survive.

Just as there are days where we experience the fear that we may never make enough consistent cash flow in our businesses, there are also days we experience fear and doubt as to whether or not we can live another day in our personal partnerships.

If you want to discover the happiness advantage in both your business and your relationship, start with not being afraid to try new ways to make a difference in how you love your partner and how you can uniquely stand out in your field.

This doesn’t mean going to extremes in either area of your life, it just means you must have the willingness to take a chance and step forward in a positive way.

So often we tend to stick with the same old ways in both our relationship and our business. Sometimes, if we try something we have never done before it can make all the difference in the world. It makes life more exciting and definitely more interesting.

As budding entrepreneurs we also worry extensively about money. We never seem to have enough and consequently, we spend more time living our lives in scarcity, rather than living our dreams to attain abundance.

If something isn’t working in your business, or in your relationship and you are nervous about doing something big, fearing the choice may cause a disastrous result, try small changes, because small changes can become great changes.

Are you ready to take a deeper dive to attain a fulfilling balance in business and love? Contact Lorna McCarty, Founder of Phoenix Rising Relationship Coaching at and get my free action guide + special bonus report – “10 Secrets to Re-kindle your Passion and Create a Connection that Lasts a Lifetime” and “5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make”.

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Jul 13

How Women Entrepreneurs Get It All Done

How Women Entrepreneurs Get It All Done

How Women Entrepreneurs Get It All Done
By Lorna McCarty

Have you ever had one of those work days where nothing is going right? Constant interruptions and you seem to be answering to everyone’s bidding before getting your own projects in order?

This is an all too familiar scenario for the entrepreneur who works out of their home. But for those of us who also have the role of being moms, the work demands grow even deeper.

Mothers have always been expected to wear many hats including being the head dishwasher and laundry maid and housekeeper; the one who keeps the fridge loaded with food, is responsible for planning all meals and cooking them to perfection. She is the pet caretaker and the one who puts the most miles on a vehicle thanks to taxi driver status she holds; transporting her kids before school and to after school events and practices.

With all of these additional work demands, it is a wonder that the female entrepreneur is able to live long enough to claim their fame as a successful business owner.

Women have been trying to fit it all in for a long time, on very little sleep, and hitting the floor running every morning.

And it all comes back to these catabolic words, “I still can’t get everything done.”

As a thriving entrepreneur it is important to get things done so you are making money instead of losing money.

How you spend your hours in your work day is important to your business success. It is easy to get caught up in what you want to accomplish by being “busy.” But where

is the actual progress in that word?

Here are ten tips to help you get it done:

1) In order to make progress, you need to set your goals for each day. This requires some planning usually the night before, or at the end, of your work day. Prepare for meaningful actions. Make a list of tasks for the next day’s work goals. Prioritize what needs to be completed first, followed by items that will take more attention and time before you can cross them off of your list. Set deadlines for these more time consuming tasks. As you check off items you have completed, the feeling of accomplishment becomes real. And as we all know, getting things done makes you feel positive and productive.

2) There are days we feel blue and it is much easier to procrastinate and avoid being productive. On those days, spend some quiet time in meditation picturing yourself, seeing the vision within you that allows you to remember your talents of serving others completely, knowing you are capable, and that you possess the power to deliver the best of who you are.

3) Time is something we can never have enough of, but we can practice time management to get things done. Timers are effective tools to keep us on task. Whatever the project may be, perhaps you are writing an article, setting a timer for a certain number of minutes gives you the option of working in blocks of time, and then stopping when the time is up, and moving to other activities.

4) Here’s a tip for young mom entrepreneurs raising little ones as they start a business at home:

We don’t always have to be, “Super Girls.” Some days, the house will not get cleaned, and often, more than not, the kids’ needs will come first over the work you are doing for your business. Keep in mind that everything can work, if you are willing and have the drive to succeed. Balancing family and work is different for everyone. But, if you want a healthy business, and a happy home, begin by taking care of you and believe that all things are possible.

5) Mom entrepreneurs require support to keep a positive outlook. Talk with someone regularly who can relate to the experience you are going through.

6) Get a jump on your day by rising early to complete some work, writing, looking at your calendar for the day and check your email. Do these tasks prior to the time your family wakes up. Enjoy that cup of coffee and the serenity of being alone and not distracted.

7) Delegate responsibilities at home to lighten your load. Delegating chores frees up your time so you can concentrate on making the business a priority. It also helps you stay more organized and shows family members you trust in their abilities.

8) Guard your time by setting boundaries, including what hours belong to you to work on your business. Keep a calendar where family members can see it to know what you’re up to and where you are, on a daily basis.

9) Once you’ve set your working hours make sure there is also family time. Keeping work and family time in balance will maintain a more positive state of mind for you.

10) Plan meals for the week. Decide in advance what will be served for each night. Treat yourself and order in with pizza delivery, get Chinese take-out or grab some chicken wings once a week to celebrate your progress in your business.

Meeting the demands of motherhood and being an entrepreneur is no easy task. Staying organized, balancing work hours, keeping sacred quality time for family, along with a positive attitude and personal drive to succeed, will take you far when climbing that ladder to success as a woman entrepreneur who can get it all done.

I am a professional certified relationship coach helping couples in long-term relationships who are struggling and maybe on the verge of divorce. I help them find the real causes of the problems in the relationship, resolve those, and get them living happily ever after. Contact me at to schedule a free “Rescue Your Relationship” coaching session today. For more information, and valuable resources, register at

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Nov 19

How to Share From Anywhere

How to Share From Anywhere!

How to Share From Anywhere!
By Penny Pearl

Are you interested in an undiscovered yet simple way to share great articles or websites with your LinkedIn network?

You know how to demonstrate networking skills when you make introductions to your contacts or share information. Now, when you run across an article or website that your contacts or prospects would benefit from, you’re more likely to pass it along if it’s easy.

Here’s a hidden tool on LinkedIn that is invaluable for keeping in touch with your network! All it takes is a one-time 2 minute drag and drop of the LinkedIn Sharing Bookmarklet to add a share button on your browser tool bar. Then, in one step, you can write an update and share a webpage or article with your LinkedIn network, individual emails or LinkedIn Groups. You can even post to Twitter!

Add the Sharing Bookmarklet to your browser… Follow these 3 easy steps:

1) At the bottom of your LinkedIn homepage, click Tools. Note: It’s hard to scroll down to the bottom to click that Tools link! LinkedIn keeps on displaying more content at the bottom and the Tools link disappears out of site. But, here’s how to catch it: drag the scrollbar down, then put the cursor in approximately the right location, and use your mouse’s scroll button to scroll down again. Then quickly click that link. You can also try using this link (after you have logged into LinkedIn):

2) Go to the top of the page and click the Sharing Bookmarklet tab.

3) Drag and drop the Share on LinkedIn button directly onto your browser toolbar. You may also see specific instructions for your browser.

Use the bookmarklet to share a link

Once you’ve dragged the “Share on LinkedIn” words to your browser, it will appear as a tab on top just under the browser “search” bar. In my case, I use Google Chrome as my browser (but it works the same on other popular browsers).

The same “Share on LinkedIn” button will display every time you open your browser allowing you to share pages with others. Sharing content with prospects is one way to build relationships and business.

For example, if you are on a CNN travel page that contains information on travel to Copenhagen and you have a client or prospect that is traveling there—let him or her know you are thinking about their trip and thought this may be an interesting find for them!

Now that you have a page to share, select the “Share on LinkedIn” tab and you’ll see the dialog box where you can write an update, share on all of LinkedIn, share with your connections, Twitter, Groups and individual emails. When you make your selections, just select “share” and you’re done!

Penny Pearl, Founder of Bear2Bull Coaching is skilled in networking both at social events and online using LinkedIn. Penny is an entrepreneur with a strong sales background and is a Board Member for the International Coach Federation, Sacramento Chapter. Her engaging coaching style makes the adventure of learning online networking skills using LinkedIn simple so you can get results to grow your sales!

For more articles and a free download on Networking and LinkedIn, or to register for Bear2Bull Coaching Webinars and Workshops, go to or get in touch: or call… (530)277-7037.

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Sep 11

The Power of Being “Bold” in Your Business

The Power of Being “Bold” in Your Business
By Therese Skelly

There is an epidemic out there that is costing small business owners not only thousands of dollars in revenue, but more troubling is the cost of confidence, momentum, and integrity. I’m here to help solve this problem!

What’s the epidemic? The fear of being big and bold and owning all the gifts you bring to the table as a business owner. Most people go into business and spend all their time focusing on marketing, sales and getting money in the door, but they rarely stop to do the work on themselves. This is the key to mastery and also for creating a business that would really makes them happy.

The foundation for all the coaching I do comes out of my B.O.L.D(TM) Business Growth Formula. This blends both the inner game (mindset) with the outer game (business strategy) that when combined, create much more rapid and lasting results because it takes into account YOU and your business. Remember – as the owner, you are the business!

Let me share with you the elements of this powerful way of looking at business:

B: BLAST IT!!! We blast through the blocks, belief and barriers that are in your way

O: OWN IT!!! Own your unique vision, talent and style

L: LEVERAGE IT!!! Your time, talent and team

D: DESIGN IT!!! To serve your life, your clients, and your legacy

If I can be honest, the most ‘juicy’ work for me is in the domain of helping business owners OWN their stuff. (In fact, the word owner starts with the word own, so how fitting!)

Too often we go into business thinking we have to be a certain way, or let go of some of the unique, fun, or quirkier parts of our personality to be ‘professional.’ The things we did or loved in the past seem to get left at the door when we don the title of “Business Owner.” And yet it’s these very things that when integrated, will give you far more passion and serve to attract the exact ideal clients that you’d love to work with.

I show you how to own your vision, your talent, and your unique style. It’s here that so many clients come to me and find a really profound transformation when are taken through the process of getting to fully own all they want and who they are.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are stuck anywhere in this piece of the process:

In the area of vision – is it yours or are you living someone else’s dream for you? When we look at talent – do you really embrace and promote the expert that you are? And for unique style – are you showing up and expressing yourself fully?

Now let me share with you some of the signs that you haven’t fully owned your brilliance. You will experience procrastination, doubt and fear and indecision, do inconsistent marketing, not have a clear message so you won’t be getting referrals or be seen as an expert, and you won’t be charging what you are worth. The cost is really quite high on so many levels if you think about it!

So how about if I give you a few pointers for how to begin to “OWN” what makes you magic? First – if you were 25% more bold in expressing who you are, what would you do differently? The funny thing…everyone knows this answer! Deep inside you is a part that would do more, speak up more, write more, and be more fully and uniquely you. Just make the commitment to do it. Get support if you need to, but make a plan and put yourself out there a bit more to see what happens.

Next – take a look at what are you afraid of if you do show up more boldly or more with your personality shining through? For most clients I work with it’s the fear that it won’t appear professional enough or there will be some judgment somewhere along the way. Yes, if you are a banker you probably can’t dress in a very flamboyant manner, but running your business allows you the freedom to be who you are. Leaning into some of those fears give you freedom to enjoy your life more every day.

And finally – remember that growing a business and marketing is just opening new relationships. I liken it to dating in that if you reveal only little aspects of yourself and attempt to put on a façade, you will either attract no one, or worse yet, the complete wrong person. While it takes some courage to be BOLD in your business, the more you put yourself out there, the greater the changes that your perfect “tribe” will find you!

(c) 2010 Therese Skelly
Therese Skelly is a business coach, marketing strategist, and mindset expert who loves to show her clients how to own their brilliance and passion, then get it out in the world in a way that gives them a business they will love. For more information on free business building teleseminars and inspirational articles, go to

Aug 17

The Inner World or the Outer World, Which Will You Choose?

The Inner World or the Outer World, Which Will You Choose?

Inner World Outer World

The Inner World or the Outer World, Which Will You Choose?
By Carmen M Valdez

  • You can change your thinking: We are living through one of the toughest times right now, with this economy. We must make a lot of choices daily, and some of these choices can affect us now and for our future. These choices we make should be thought out carefully without the negative influences of this world. The economy has made a lot of people bitter and negative towards life, and if you have been affected, rest assure that you can change things, towards a different and improved direction. When we begin to think about matters from within, we begin to separate our thinking from the rest of the outside influences of this world. When we acknowledge the difference between our inner world, versus the outer world; things will begin to change for us.
  • Stay focused to find solutions: When we allow the economy, and negative people to influence our way of thinking, we are allowing the outer world of influence to do the thinking for us. Stressful times are affecting a lot of people right now, and with a stressful mind, one cannot think straight, in making good and thought out choices in life. If you have been affected by this economy, try to stay calm by taking your focus off negative thinking and try to face the problem, to stay focused in solving your problem. Your mind will focus on what you feed it, and if you continue to allow negative thoughts to influence your way of thinking, you will continue to get the negative outcome of what you feed your mind. If you have been affected by this economy, you can still change directions in your favor, by focusing towards a positive direction in solving matters instead of focusing on the problem. There is always a solution to every problem, you just have to find it, by staying focused in the right direction. Most people do not pay close attention to their negative self thinking inside of their mind, and this is one of the reasons why they do not find solutions to the problem. Staying focused also requires that we delete all distractions in helping us to find answers to our problems.
  • Take time to meditate on matters? Meditating is one significant way to release the stress in our lives while finding answers to our problems. Meditating can be done while taking a short walk alone, or thinking alone before going to sleep at night, or just taking time alone in any peaceful environment, to think clear and without distractions. You can also find answers to your problems, by asking yourself many questions that you don’t have answers too, while meditating. Some of these answers that you are searching for, may not come to you quickly, and some will come to you instantly, be patient, as these answers will appear to you in time. Taking time to meditate is one of the best ways in finding solutions to most of your problems. You see, you have all the right answers, in your own subconscious mind, and by searching for theses answers in your inner world of thinking; you will most likely find the best answers to your own problems.
  • Ask yourself many questions while meditating: Every human being has different circumstances because of different environments, and different cultures therefore, everything you have done in your life up to now, has been recorded in your own individual subconscious mind since you were born. You sometimes do things that you do not like about yourself, and this could be because of the environment that you grew up with. And by meditating on matters, we can search deep from within, to find the answers that we do not understand. You can find answers to many difficult questions that you do not understand about your life, by thinking deep within yourself and by asking yourself many questions through meditation.
  • Set goals to improve your life? Goals are essential if you wish to make improvement in your life. Goals have proved to change many peoples lives and it can also change your life. Although we may be facing tough challenging problems in the outer world that we live in, we can begin to improve our lives using a vision, in our inner world for our future. Setting goals and using a vision for our future is inspiring and motivating. Although we may be facing tough challenging times, we can have confidence that things will change for our future, by setting goals and taking action. Goals help us to control the direction in favor for our future, instead of having to stay in the same current and difficult circumstances that we live in now. You can set goals to improve your current circumstances, by replacing it towards a new vision for your future, and staying focused with your vision. You cannot and will not be able to change directions, if you do not set goals. Goals are essential in order to know where you are headed in life. If you do not have goals, most likely, you will continue to keep going with the flow of the outer world, instead of making choices with your inner world of your choice.

I am a certified life coach. I use the power of the mind and vision, to empower entrepreneurs in developing the right mindset to succeed in business. I also help people in general in their personal development and by using goals to succeed in life. I offer a complimentary half hour of coaching with no strings attached, to get you started in the right direction with a problem you are not able to solve.

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Aug 14

The Power of the Pen: Using Books, Reports, and Scripts As Sales Tools

Books and Special Reports
The Power of the Pen: Using Books, Reports, and Scripts As Sales Tools

The Power of the Pen: Using Books, Reports, and Scripts As Sales Tools
By Roy Rasmussen

The old adage about the pen being mightier than the sword was recently put to the test in a GEICO commercial. A ninja armed with a samurai sword faces down a man wielding only a pen. The pen holder signs a delivery slip, opens a package, and pulls out a taser. Zap! Point: pen.

When it comes to sales, there are many less dramatic but more practical applications of the power of the pen. Written or scripted info products like books, short reports (often called “special reports” or “white papers”), and scripts for live or recorded presentations can serve as powerful weapons in your sales arsenal. Here are seven ways you can use writing to empower your sales presentations.

Generating Leads

Generating leads is the first step in the sales process, and it is one of the most important sales functions of books, reports, and scripts. You can get prospective customers’ attention and persuade them to give you their contact information by offering free information in the form of a short electronic document, a short scripted video, a Kindle book, or a self-published print book.

This technique combines well with public forums where you can offer information to a group of prospects at one time, such as a seminar, a webinar, or a blog. You can invite your entire audience to supply their contact information by offering your free information giveaway during the course of your presentation. (And by the way, you can script your presentation, too.)

Booking Appointments

A free information giveaway can include a bonus offer geared towards booking a sales appointment, or the equivalent of a sales appointment. For instance, a free report can conclude with an offer to schedule a free initial consultation. This gives your prospect a no-risk motivation to schedule a sales appointment with you.

Depending on your industry you might use other incentives for booking appointments. An exercise club might offer a free month trial program, while a real estate agent might offer a free appraisal, or a software company might offer a free version of their premium package. This type of offer provides an opportunity to deliver a follow-up sales presentation after your prospect has become more familiar with your product or service.

Previewing Your Presentation

You can build a preview of your sales presentation into your free information giveaway. A report, video, or book gives you a forum to introduce your prospect to the basic elements of your sales presentation. You can establish rapport, identify the problem you’re offering to solve, highlight benefits, or anticipate objections. Your sales presentation can then build on the foundation you’ve laid in your preview, following up with reinforcement.

Qualifying Your Audience

Another sales function of an information giveaway is qualifying your audience. The most efficient way to do this is to build the name of your target demographic into the title of your book, report, or video. Wiley’s bestselling “dummies” series has an appeal to non-technical readers automatically built into every title. Other titles address women, seniors, workers in specific industries, or other target demographics.

This strategy isn’t necessarily limited to your title, either. The body of your info product can follow up with more details about who might benefit from what you offer.

Addressing Your Market’s Needs

The title and body of your giveaway can also pinpoint the needs your product or service addresses. Whether your offer is to alleviate arthritis pain, trim fat, save money on insurance, or convey some other benefit, mentioning this in your info product can give your prospects a preview of what your product or service can do for them.

Establishing Your Expertise

One of the most important sales functions of an info product is establishing your expertise. Once you’ve written a book, you’re instantly recognized as an expert. Likewise, if you can point to a website where someone can download your report or watch your video, that automatically enhances your authority.

Positioning Yourself Against Your Competition

Last but not least, an info product helps you position yourself against your competition. If you’ve written a book or you have a blog and your competitor doesn’t, you have several distinct advantages. Not only do you command more authority, but you possess a promotional platform you can use to pitch your own product or service as well as characterize your competition. When you’ve got your own info product, a competitor going up against you is like a knife fighter walking into a gunfight–or at least a ninja facing a taser.

Roy Rasmussen is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who helps create promotional material for small businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs. You can read more of his writing and promotional tips on the website Publishing for Publicity, named after his book of the same title (cowritten with book designer Marian Hartsough and available on Amazon).

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