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Love Your Business, Love Your Relationship

Love Your Business, Love Your Relationship

Love Your Business, Love Your Relationship
By Lorna McCarty

Work Life Balance

How important is the success of your business? That is an easy answer. To the majority of entrepreneurs who are building a business to a fruitful level, getting there, means putting your heart and soul into every detail of the operation. Now, how important is the success of your relationship with your partner?

Most of us would reply by saying just as important, if not more important. But, for some reason working long hours and putting every last bit of energy you can to create a prosperous business, is not the same as maintaining a sustainable relationship.

A thriving business is a necessity for a promising lifestyle; but even our desire to maintain a healthy relationship is not always enough; and that desire can often take a back seat because we get so caught up in the importance of our professional success.

When we are building a business we have to maintain a balance of our time and energy so that we are able to enjoy a healthy relationship, while still sparing the right amount of our get-up-and-go to move our entrepreneurial dreams forward.

Here’s the solution. Look at your relationship just like a business. When you forget to love and nurture a relationship, it crumbles. It is the same for a business. Your business requires your love and attention if it is going to survive.

Just as there are days where we experience the fear that we may never make enough consistent cash flow in our businesses, there are also days we experience fear and doubt as to whether or not we can live another day in our personal partnerships.

If you want to discover the happiness advantage in both your business and your relationship, start with not being afraid to try new ways to make a difference in how you love your partner and how you can uniquely stand out in your field.

This doesn’t mean going to extremes in either area of your life, it just means you must have the willingness to take a chance and step forward in a positive way.

So often we tend to stick with the same old ways in both our relationship and our business. Sometimes, if we try something we have never done before it can make all the difference in the world. It makes life more exciting and definitely more interesting.

As budding entrepreneurs we also worry extensively about money. We never seem to have enough and consequently, we spend more time living our lives in scarcity, rather than living our dreams to attain abundance.

If something isn’t working in your business, or in your relationship and you are nervous about doing something big, fearing the choice may cause a disastrous result, try small changes, because small changes can become great changes.

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